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Yoga Teacher Training
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Are you passionate about yoga and ready to take the step toward (further) personal transformation? Is it your dream to make a living by doing what you love? Would you like to deeply understand the teachings and practices of the ancient traditions of yoga or become more specialised than you already are? And does being a part of an inclusive and wholesome yogic environment sound good to you? Then the certified Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura is for you.

Kawai Purapura is a Yoga Alliance registered and recognised yoga school that applies yogic wisdom in all areas of life. It offers both 200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, that prepares you well beyond the mat, enabling you to actually live yoga rather than learning how to teach a series of postures. The supportive and nourishing environment encourages you to reach your full potential and experience true unification with the Self, the Supreme and the Universe.

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a foundation for teaching that covers all aspects of yoga practice and prepares you to start a flexible and meaningful career to help others. The training is designed to trigger your development and transformation, facilitating you to emerge as a practitioner and teacher of skill and wisdom.

The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training runs as two distinct 150-hour modules, that can be taken together or separately upon completion of the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. The modules are structured to provide advanced experience and understanding in all aspects of yoga, to evolve as a teacher and to facilitate teaching to all levels and conditions of students.

– The Essence of our Trainings –


The Yoga Teacher Trainings at Kawai Purapura draw from a range of traditions, branches, paths, approaches and yoga teachers’ specialty skill sets. The range and scope of the curriculum is holistic; covering asana, pranayama, meditation, different styles of yoga, lifestyle and home practice, mentorship.


The Yoga Teacher Trainings at Kawai Purapura evolve the personality, resulting in positive transformation. They touch and refine the different dimensions of Being, move with modern trends in psychology and human development and facilitate you to reach higher levels of expression and to expand on all levels.

Life Changing

The Yoga Teacher Trainings at Kawai Purapura improve the quality of life by relinquishing patterns that limit your potential and by fostering in you an empowered sense of who truly are. Furthermore, the trainings invoke inner wisdom, greater peace, clarity and the ability to help others.

Our Teachers

The Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura consciously provides for one main, highly qualified Senior Lead Trainer that guides you through the training, holds the space for the group and oversees your education.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is dedicated to helping you establish a solid foundation to becoming an inspiring and skilled teacher. It trains you in the ancient traditional approach to yoga practice and extends your journey into the modern evolutionary pathways of yoga, exploring the richness of the relationship between body, mind and movement.

You will gain enough in-depth knowledge and understanding of each of the eight limbs of yoga to be able to connect with the origin of yoga and the teacher within.
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Training options

18 Days Intensive
4 – 22 January 2019
This training is designed for students that would like a full immersion that absorbs one in the fullness of living the eight limbs.

9 x Weekends
4, 5, 6 May / 18, 19, 20 May / 1, 2, 3 June /
22, 23, 24 June / 6, 7, 8 July / 20, 21, 22 July / 10, 11, 12 August /
24, 25, 26 August / 7, 8, 9 September 2018
Designed to fit working schedules with more time to practice, process and integrate the teachings.

2 x 9 Days Intensive
27 July – 5 August 2018
15 – 23 September 2018
Gives the best of both, an intensive experience and time for integration and home practice in between.

Course Content

  • Anatomy and physiology including yogic physiology – koshas, chakras, gunas.
  • Bio-mechanics and movement principles
  • Communication skills and finding your voice
  • Observation skills and holding space
  • Finding the ground; yielding, gravity, embody the 5 elements/Tattwa in practice
  • Sequencing – functional and creative approaches
  • Living the Eight limbs of  Yoga; Yamas and Niyamas as ethical frameworks in teaching
  • Yoga psychology – managing the Vrittis – patterned responses
  • Teaching skills, group-work and peer feedback process
  • Inspirational satsang and kirtan sessions with special guests and sacred ceremony
  • Expand and deepen personal practice
  • Ongoing mentorship and guidance and professional development opportunities

For more details regarding the accreditation, visit the website of Yoga Alliance to see our profile.

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is dedicated to deepening personal practice, refining teaching skills and providing continuity of the journey of self-mastery in order to help others. Gaining specialized skills in the practical application of yoga as a therapeutic science. In-depth knowledge and understanding in specialized topics such as Yoga nidra, pranayama, mudras and bandhas and kriya yoga techniques as-well as expert mentorship to go to the next level in personal practice – sadhana.

Prerequisite for this training is a Yoga Alliance accredited 200 Hour Teacher Training. The additional 300 hours are offered in two distinct modules of 150 hours each. The two modules can be taken back to back as one continuous training, or separately over a number of years. Graduates of both modules can apply for international accreditation through Yoga Alliance, becoming a RYT 500. The modules can also be used individually to upskill and develop professionally.
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Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga

150 Hours
28 January – 8 February 2018

Course content

  • Teaching Yoga nidra in the Bihar Yoga Tradition.
  • Teaching restorative postures using props, modifications and alternatives to ensure safe practice that promotes deep healing and a meditative awareness
  • The pawanmuktasana series – a classical approach designed to clear energetic blockages and promote the free flow of prana through the entire body/mind complex.
  • Basic Breathing Methods and specific pranayama techniques that focus on releasing tensions, balancing autonomic functioning and revitalization at all levels of being.
  • Integrating restorative yoga in course and class planning for general and specialized populations.

Evolve as a Teacher; Yoga Therapeutics

150 Hours
11 – 22 February 2018

Course content

  • Re-educating the body to greater health and wellbeing including assisting those with muscular skeletal injuries
  • Functional anatomy as it relates to posture, movement and yoga practices
  • Deepen knowledge and personal practice of yoga including techniques to experience the subtle body: chakras, tattwas, pranas, gunas and koshas
  • Designing specialized courses and classes for specific populations including; Yoga for Women, yoga for seniors, yoga for movement, yogic sadhana – how to deepen and layer personal practice
  • Mantra chanting practice for healing and wellbeing and to deepen personal practice.
  • Specific meditation techniques, expert guidance and mentorship.
  • Design, teach and evaluate a specialized yoga program which will form part of the post residential and final assessment.

For more details regarding the accreditation, visit the website of Yoga Alliance to see our profile.

Interested? Have a look at the website dedicated to the Yoga Teacher Trainings at Kawai Purapura:

For any questions, please contact our Yoga Education Coordinator: