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Health and Well-Being Therapies

At Kawai Purapura we live and breathe a healthy lifestyle that lifts your spirit, relaxes your body and calms your mind. We offer a tranquil and peaceful environment where we have created a holistic residential village that naturally draws therapy practitioners of all kinds to live and practice their unique and valued talents. They offer a range of healing modalities from Massage Therapy, to Acupuncture, to Yoga Therapy, to Tarot Card Reading and much more.

Read more about the practitioners below. To book an appointment, you can contact them directly and why not combine your treatment with one of our classes or events.

Professional Practitioners at Kawai Purapura

Lindi O’Connor A. Dip.M.T.
Massage and Reflexology

Lindi O’Connor is a Body-Mind Massage therapist with over 30 years experience in the field in various countries. She is certified in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Reflexology, and Sports and Therapeutic Massage. Lindi has discovered how profoundly our bodies react to stress and stored emotions, a natural result of “everyday life”, and how this can be reduced by touch and massage – combined with an ability to “listen” and feel the body’s pain. “Bones, muscles, and cellular tissues hold memories of emotional events and life’s stress. Through varied massage techniques we release tension and pain, freeing and healing the “embodied mind.”

mobile: 021 252 4749
email: daretodanz@gmail.com

Dean Wickenden
Acupunture, Massage, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Yoga Therapy

Dean is passionate about natural health and healing. He has travelled and studied with renowned masters in the Chinese, Tibetan and Indian healing and spiritual traditions. His approach to complementary medicine focuses on healing the root cause of the ailment, harmonising the body, energy and mind, which leads to optimal health, greater vitality and mental wellbeing. Treatment plans are tailor made to the individual and may include acupuncture, massage therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, moxabustion (heat therapy), cupping, gua sha, diet therapy, qigong and yoga therapy.

Dean also teaches weekly yoga classes, have a look at his teacher profile for the times here >

Dean is a registered acupuncturist with the NZASA
(New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority) and a registered ACC provider.

mobile: 021 034 7752
email: dean@acupuncture.yoga
website: https://www.acupuncture.yoga/

Annette Sanders
Shamanic Medicine Woman

Annette Sanders is a Medicine Woman, Shamanic Healer, Yoga Teacher, Crystal Sound Therapist, Holistic Bodyworker, Evolutionary Teacher and Ascension Guide who has been working within the spiritual realms and higher dimensions for over 25 years.

Believing in the importance of global community and collaboration, Annette has travelled the world giving private healing sessions, creating bespoke mentoring programmes, and facilitating workshops, that profoundly transforms and awaken others to their true Divine Essence and innate power. Since a child, Annette has been able to interface directly with pure frequency on a multi-dimensional level, although it took many years of internal inquiry, shamanic mentoring, applied wisdom, observation and ultimately self-healing to fully realize the potential of her gifts.Annette is a catalyst for awakening and helping others navigate through this new paradigm of profound transformation we collectively find ourselves in. She has a reputation for walking her talk, using humour whilst being very practical, authentic and direct in her approach to creating easy, yet powerful, practical steps and practices that bring about real and substantial change in her client’s lives.

A bespoke programme can be created specifically for you to address your individual needs on all levels of your being. Taking a combined physical and energetic approach, drawing on many different modalities and guided by her ancestors and light-team, we will start to access and delete cellular blockages, stored trauma, implant mind control programmes, outdated belief systems, repetitive patterning, illness and ancestral and akashic contracts that create and anchor dis-ease within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.Annette has a somatic approach to yoga and teaches how to communicate with the body’s innate wisdom to reawaken the template of true wellness that exists within each of us. This is a time of greater soul embodiment and unity.

mobile: 022 603 7453
email: annettemage111@gmail.com

Johnny Trifunovich
Deep tissue relaxation, sports massage and energy work

Johnny Trifunovich offers integrated deep tissue relaxation and sports massage as well as incorporating energy work. Having originally trained in London and with over 20 years’ experience, Johnny makes use of the different styles he has learned over the years. This includes Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, myofascial release and rolfing to gain the best results for each individual. Over the years he has worked in many integrated clinics alongside many other modalities. All sessions are tailored to the needs of the client and focus on dealing with the now and detaching from the story.

To book please contact directly.

mobile: 021 143 3342
email: JTRIFUN13@gmail.com
website: https://johnnytrifunovich.com

Patrea Kelly
Traditional Māori massage

Kia ora, my name is Patrea.

I am a practitioner who specialises in Traditional Māori massage (Romiromi and Mirimiri).

This ancient practice incorporates:

– The removal of spiritual, physical and mental blockages.
– Pressure point work.
– Stretching and alignment of the body.
– Spiritual and ancestral mahi (work).
– Spiritual protection using sea water and incantations (Takutaku).

I also offer Sports massage and Reflexology.

My clinic is located on site at KP. Contact me for a quick chat or any enquiries.

mobile: 027 482 0436
email: pjkelly001@gmail.com

Photo of Patrea Kelly, a wellness practitioner at Kawai Purapura