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Connecting Kids with Nature at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre – Nature’s Playground

16-20 April and 23-27 April

Are you a nature lover yourself and see the benefit of disconnecting from the world of technology to engage in the nurturing care of the environment? Are you a working parent or just someone during this coming school holidays that wants to impart this passion for nature onto your children fully appreciating what Mother Nature has provided to us in abundance?

This coming School Holidays, Little Voices has crafted a unique programme for your little gems to introduce them into a new setting to learn, thrive, grow, explore, and play within Kawai Purapura’s 19-acre playground.

Daily Programme from 9.00am – 3.00pm
For our future generation aged 5 – 12 years

Programme Information

At Little Voices, our intention is to create a safe environment for your children to play freely activating their innate creativity and spirited side. We will be utilizing a flexible framework designed around giving your children a release from the

instructions found in the normal construct of a school classroom, so they can be their whimsical and joyful selves celebrating nature, living and breathing a healthy lifestyle from a young age, utilizing arts & crafts, frolicking with music, dance & drama, gaining cultural knowledge, and much more to keep your little cherubs engaged, smiling and laughing all day long!

At Little Voices we believe in connecting kids with Nature, and at times this involves getting just a little bit muddy with perhaps the odd small bruise or scrapes that occurs with discovering their adventurous side. We will always keep your children within safe parameters ensuring that no real harm comes to them, but genuinely trust that to grow strong in mind, body, and character, even children must be provided with the freedom to fall and pick themselves up again.

We urge that all parents equip their children with good wet weather gear for those rainy days that may come out the blue. Our programme will carry on during all weather conditions unless there are severe weather warnings because at Little Voices we understand that life can throw a curve ball at us at any given time, providing us with the opportunity to turn a rainy dreary day into a day of excitement and a new perspective to play with.

$50 Day ticket

$200 One week ticket*

$360 Two week ticket*

*Every extra child in the same family is half price ($100 or $180). Discount only applies to week tickets, not day tickets.


Please download our Parental Consent Form. Completed forms can be emailed to

Nature’s Playground

Once part of a greater forest, Kawai Purapura is now the sole remaining large tract of 19 acres of mature bush land within the surrounding area, creating a special haven for kids to connect with nature in a safe, supervised and fun environment.

Fun & Play

Our childhood experiences could be considered the most important and influential ones we go through in our lifetimes. We actively expose your kids to nature, art, other children, beautiful places, loving and caring moments,  learning new skills in a Fun and Playful way!


Respect for the environment is one the highest values of Kawai Purapura. We love to encourage kids to explore the bush and streams in a non-invasive way, learn about permaculture, growing veggies, native animals and trees and a sense of being within nature.

Being Outdoors

Our activities are not only creating fun moments in which kids are entertained, but are also providing them with an opportunity to discover, be curious, and receive education from the natural environment, teaching them life lessons that they probably will not learn from being indoors.

Daily Activities

At Little Voices we create a unique programme, with different nature-based activities, here are some examples:

  • Bush walks & exploring forest tracks
  • Nature treasure hunt in the forest
  • Learn circus skills
  • Kids yoga
  • Exploring the stream and finding eels
  • Permaculture and learn about growing veggies
  • Campfire gathering and guitar songs
  • Nature art outdoor games
  • Dance movement
  • Drumming workshop
  • Swimming pool activities (summer only)

Programme Details

$50 day ticket

$200 one week ticket*

$360 two week ticket*

*Every extra child in the same family is half price ($100 or $180). This discount is not available on day tickets. It is required to purchase the full rate ticket for the 1st child prior to choosing the half-price ticket.

What each child needs to bring
Their own morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, plenty of water to drink & a refillable bottle, warm clothes, raincoat, gumboots, walking shoes for in the bush, a spare change of clothes, any medication needed, swimming gear, sunblock, sun hat.

You are most welcome to make an appointment to look around if you haven’t been to Kawai Purapura before. Please contact our Little Voices Coordinator: