Relax into Life with Mindfulness

Relax into Life with Mindfulness
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Relax into Life with Mindfulness – An Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

Learn a simple and powerful technique that will radically change your life

• Reduce stress and tension
• Manage insomnia. Get a good night’s sleep
• Feel calmer and more relaxed. Reduce anxiety and depression
• Live a fuller life by being more present
• Improve your relationships by responding as opposed to reacting
• Manage conflict at home and at work
• Improve concentration & focus
• Harness your potential by using the full power of your mind

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Key Facts ⓘ

Series of 4 Tuesdays

13 Nov | 20 Nov | 27 Nov | 4 Dec

7.30pm- 8.45pm

Admission: $99

What You Will Learn:

  • The benefits of mindfulness and how it can radically change your life
  • How thinking causes stress & how mindfulness calms & eases the mind
  • How distorted thinking affects the way we experience life
  • How to work with emotions in an empowered way so that they do not take over
  • How to respond as opposed to reacting to situations
  • How to manage conflict
  • How to be present in relationships
  • Powerful meditation techniques to train your mind to be peaceful & calm
  • How to practice mindfulness throughout your day

What Is Included In This Program:

  • 4 weekly classes
  • A 58 page online workbook with valuable information and exercises and reflections to help you to get the most out of this course
  • Access to an online resource with MP3 recorded meditations, videos and articles

How Is This Program Different To Other Mindfulness Courses?

Let’s just say that there are some great Mindfulness programs on offer and you will benefit from all of them.

Teagan however, is one of the most highly skilled meditation teachers you will find because she understands that you need to find the right meditation practice for you. Not one size fits all. We are all different and as such need different practices that suit our needs.

Teagan wants you to succeed and not fail. She wants you to fall in love with this practice and not to find it a chore!

Teagan has a breadth of wisdom, not only as a Mindfulness teacher but also as a Yoga teacher and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She brings all of her knowledge, experience & guidance to this course.

What others say about attending Teagan’s courses

“Thank you for all your support and guidance.  I know I have told you this a lot but my time with you (both on the course and one on one) has been truly life changing.  You have given me the insight and courage to make the move and to work towards changing careers, to be happier and more accepting of life, and to be more mindful.  You are AMAZING and inspiring.  I feel truly blessed to have met you and so very grateful for it all.”

Erica, Auckland

“Teagan is a wonderful teacher fully engaging the class while making everyone feel comfortable about their own reasons for being there. This was an excellent course! Makes you want to continue getting more out of mindfulness.”

Derrick Ormond

“This has been one of the most significant things I have done for myself. You equipped us with tools to deal with life completely differently. I want to keep going. Thank you!”


“I so enjoyed the mindfulness course, these new found tools have helped me cope with an uncomfortable situation at work already, just by using the breathe to bring focus & being present I soon realised that I was ok with it Wow phenomenal I felt great!! I have also been practicing pause meditation throughout the day too. Thanks again for sharing so much of yourself with us Teagan it gave us all the confidence that we needed to be able to share a little of our selves too.”

Jackie Clarke

“This course was so inspiring. I learnt so much about myself and I love my practice even more. Thank you Teagan, you are an amazing teacher!”


”I am way more aware of what is going on. I’ve really enjoyed the whole course. Thank you so much”


“This course has helped me to slow down. I’ve learnt about self-care and self-love. I feel calmer on the inside.”


Teagan Fea

is a twice qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher with 18 years experience. She has also been practicing meditation every day for 18 years. She has taught workshops and retreats in many different countries and is highly regarded as an International teacher. She works as a Clinical/RTT Hypnotherapist helping people to transform their lives. For years she specialized in working with clients with mental health issues and developed a unique approach applying therapy and mindfulness practices to deeply transform people’s lives. She was highly regarded for this work in Australia. Teagan is also a teacher with Mindfulness Works NZ and has been delivering mindfulness programs at Kawai Purapura for 3 years. She is also the Director of Mindful Business NZ.

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