Maori Healing Course

Maori Healing Course
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A Journey through the Greenstone Door to Māori Spiritual Wellbeing
5 – 15  January 2018

We invite you to join us on this rare opportunity to experience the highest level of Māori learning.  Tatau Pounamu “A Journey Through the Greenstone Door” will take you on a sacred, spiritual journey of learning and healing like no other.

Pathway to Healing and Sacred Journey
This 11-day quest begins and is, based at Auckland’s Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, Albany, includes five days where we travel to the East Coast, visiting hot springs and caves, to the magical land of Lake Waikaremoana and the mystical beauty of Tuhoe’s Uruwera Forest. We will experience learning in a traditional wānanga of the ancestors, at times right in the ngahere (bush) during the day and night. Staying at a local marae, we have the great honour of learning from two of Māoridom’s most renowned and respected teachers/healers (Shamans) resident in this region – Tohunga, Rehua Kereama and Tohuna Tipuna, Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere, together with other well-respected key teachers, sharing their wisdom and knowledge of the importance of the re-connection of the spirit with the land, environment, and self.  After five days in this rich East Coast, we return to Kawai Purapura to continue to consolidate our experience of how we may incorporate change into our lives and practices in a more natural, yet meaningful way.

Early Bird $3,150
Full Price $3,400

Includes all tuition, meals, accommodation (marae-style), and travel to/from East Coast. Private single/twin-share Retreat Rooms available at extra cost – see Registration form for this option



In Maori tikanga – All Is One. Pounamu speaks of the interconnectedness of all things and beings, and Tatau Pounamu “Greenstone Door” offers a doorway to this unmoveable, unbreakable place of peace. This requires an inward journey of healing, foregiveness and awakening.

Māori tikanga offers a more holistic model for health and wellbeing incorporating taha wairua (the spiritual dimension). One model, “Te Whare Tapa Whā,” speaks of the four cornerstones (or sides) of Māori health, incorporating all aspects of healing, the tinana (body), hinegaro (emotions), oranga wairua (spirit) and, to know where you came from and who you are, teha whaanu (geneology/DNA) – our pillars of the House of Wellbeing, giving you the sense of connection and Oneness. It is from this foundation that all subjects will be taught from.  Another, “Te Wheke” used by Dr Rose Pere, is based on the eight tentacles of the octopus that collectively contribute to total wellbeing.

This journey of learning and healing is suitable for anyone without any prior knowledge to Te Reo or Māori culture, and for those who truly wish to expand their knowledge base in the areas of healing and wellbeing, especially for the deeper connection and understanding of Self and all living things around us, the re-connection and balance to Earth, and the Cosmos. To know who you are, where you came from gives you a sense of connection and Oneness

The Kaiako (Teaching Team)

We are very honoured and fortunate to offer this amazing course and sacred journey of learning and healing with the highest calibre of wisdom keepers, teachers and healers in their craft! We hope you will feel inspired to join this truly amazing expansive authentic Māori Healing course. Come and experience yourself in your wholeness!

Presenters:  Anaru Paine (Traditional Romi Romi and Maori Healing Protocols), and Te Kaha (Pounamu Carver)

Featuring:  Tohunga, Rehua Kerema, and Tohuna Tipuna, Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere CBE, including other prominent teachers from other iwi (tribes) from Aotearoa, will guide you and hold you as family, on an immersion in tikanga (cultural ways) and the application of these practices – introducing traditional ways of healing and strengthening the mind, body and soul.

Components of the Programme

  • Rongoa (healing with native plants)
  • Practical medicine making with the native plants
  • Whaikairo (greenstone carving)
  • Mirimiri and romiromi (body therapies)
  • Waiata (song)
  • Karakia (ritual chanting)
  • TaMoko (traditional tattooing – a spiritual awakening)
  • Puoro (creating and playing traditional musical instruments)
  • Raranga (weaving using natural materials)
  • Haerenga (sacred journey, including marae stay, hot pools and caves where tohunga were initiated in early times)

Through all your journeying and crafting you will encounter and experience a new shaping that is compelling and profound.

Course Details

Early bird $3,150 – closing date 5 December 2017
Full price $3,400
Deposit $500 Balance to be paid by 5 December 2017

Includes all tuition, meals, accommodation (marae-style), and travel to/from East Coast.
Private single/twin-share Retreat Rooms available at extra cost – see Registration form for this option

This is a fully catered and accommodated event.  During stay at Marae will include meat, prepared especially for the occasion. Please advise in advance if your preference is for a vegetarian option. All meals at Kawai Purapura, Auckland, is vegetarian fare only.

For more information about the course, please contact our Tatau Pounamu Co-ordinator:

We reserve the right to alter content and presenters on this course without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.  If travelling from out of town, please consider travel insurance.  We reserve the right to cancel the course at any time. No refund if you cancel within 30 days prior to the course.