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Take the opportunity to do something wonderful for yourself!
Next Retreat: 13 – 17 April 2018

Join us for a 5 Day Juice Fast and take the opportunity to not only do something wonderful for your body, but to also gain knowledge from Louise so you can make cleansing and fasting a part of your lifestyle.

Our detox retreat has been carefully planned to support you on a personal journey and empower you with the practical skills required to incorporate a fasting practice into your regular lifestyle. You will learn how to select and prepare ingredients for your juices, what techniques you can adopt to help you during your 5-Day Juice Fast and how to re-introduce solid food back into your body in the healthiest way.

Feel cleansed, energised, healthy and revived with more than just ingredients for your juices. You will also have access to many activities at Kawai Purapura; bush walks, yoga and meditation classes, spa, sauna and massage are just some of the things you can enjoy while you are here. And with 19 acres of beautiful forest land surrounding the centre, you can relax and appreciate your time here at your own pace.

Early Bird $595
Full Price $625

Pay now a $150 deposit to secure your place.
Twin-share Retreat Rooms available at extra cost – $180 (4 nights)


Why Fast?

In the early days, people fasted towards the end of winter because their food stocks ran out. They took advantage of a natural cleansing opportunity. Today, there is so much food about that we eat far more than we need, a lot of it is processed and often indigestible, we never take a day off from eating and therefore never get rid of the waste that builds up and causes disease.

Detox, fasting, cleansing. There are many other names you could use but they all refer to a process where you abstain from eating and drinking all or some kinds of foods. You may have come across some of the more well-known benefits of fasting. Weight loss and spiritual/religious observances are a couple of them but there are many more great benefits to fasting.

Here are seven reasons why a Detox is so good and can help you take better care of yourself:
1. Encourages you to eat cleaner
2. Strengthens your immune system
3. Improves brain Function
4. Your skin will glow
5. Gives the digestive system a break
6. Strengthens your willpower
7. Connect with your spirituality

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Fasting is a great way to show your body that you love and appreciate it and at Kawai Purapura you have the chance to learn how to prepare, practice and take care of yourself during this retreat. You will be provided with all the knowledge you need to incorporate detoxing into your lifestyle.

Book today, as spaces are limited!

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is a great way to kick start a cleansing process to assist with many methods that improve the body, mind and spirit. Perhaps you want to lose weight? Or you may want to start a journey where you can stop damaging habits such as smoking, over-eating or a caffeine addiction?
Read more in our Blog Post ‘I can’t fast – how to overcome challenges while fasting’

Beautiful Location

Only 30 minutes away from Auckland yet in a space that feels so far removed from the bustle of the city, Kawai Purapura is set in 19 acres of tranquil woodland where you’ll be able connect with nature and take time out from the hum of everyday life. As part of the retreat, you will go on bush walks and learn about Rongoa with Louise and pick your own native teas that can be used to support your fast.

Daily Activities

To support your fast, Kawai Purapura has a number of daily yoga and meditation classes for you to take part in to help keep you focused and relaxed. Alternatively feel free to spend some time alone to practice with access to our calming lounge area and sacred outdoor spaces amongst the native bush. You can also take a swim in the outdoor pool and unwind in the sauna and spa.

Wellness Treatments

We have created a holistic residential village that naturally draws therapy practitioners of all kinds to live and practice their unique and valued talents. They offer a range of healing modalities from Massage Therapy, to Acupuncture, to Yoga Therapy, to Tarot Card Reading, and much more. Treatments can booked separately with our onsite practioners.

Professional Guidance

Your fasting journey will be done under the guidance of Louise Darragh-Law from Raw Veda. Louise has over 30 years of experience in many fields including homeopathy, Ayurveda medicine, naturopathy and medical herbalism. She has also spent the past 6 years studying Rongoa Maori Medicine, a traditional indigenous practice that uses plants to treat ailments in a holistic way.

Louise brings her vast knowledge to Kawai Purapura and will guide you through every step of the cleansing process. You will be provided with and shown how to prepare all the ingredients for your juice cleanse and raw food meals in an environment that will ensure you practice your fast in the healthiest possible way. Louise will not only guide you into the process but impart her knowledge onto you so that you can take it away and use it to do your own cleansing practice at home.

The Retreat includes

  • You will be provided with and join in the preparation of all the necessary liquids (juice, broth, herbs) to sustain you safely throughout the week’s retreat.
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Rejuvenate in our spa and sauna and use of our non-chlorine swimming pool

Retreat Details

Early bird $595 – closing date 31 December 2017
Full price $625
Deposit $150 Balance to be paid before starting date of the retreat

Twin-share Retreat Rooms available at extra cost – $180 (4 nights)

For more information about this retreat, please contact Louise: wellness@kawaipurapura.co.nz