Willing Workers on Organic Farms ‘Wwoofers’ and Volunteers

Willing Workers on Organic Farms, is part of a world-wide community that promotes awareness of ecological farming practices by providing volunteers (“WWOOFers”) with the opportunity to live and learn on organic properties. WWOOFing is an enjoyable, educational and affordable way to explore and get to know the community of Kawai Purapura. There’s always some work and we are getting especially busy during the festivals. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer please get in touch too!

To discover more about how you can join us as a Wwoofer,

call (09) 415 9468 or email Reception.

As well as general work around our beautiful 19-acre centre, we often need help on creative activities.

Budha Statue at Kawai Purapura

Semi-Permanent Positions & Opportunities for Wwoofers and Volunteers

An opportunity to work with a team passionate about yoga, natural health and healing and sustainability. Web directory listings and assisting with many different projects. Help us make a difference!
Hours 5-8 pm Monday to Saturday.
Three + months position with some extra paid work available.
An amazing opportunity to work for a non-profit organisation seeking to make positive change through yoga, health and healing and consciousness change. Looking for a talented and creative person to assist with designing, developing and preparing information for our websites.
Three + months position with extra paid hours available.
Join our innovative Marketing team. Do you have marketing, graphic design & computer program skills – a can do attitude and want to make a positive difference?
This varied role is for 3+ months with some paid hours available.
Do you have basic building skills, or more? Looking for a fit, energetic builder/carpenter to assist with building our new Yoga Barn and other projects. A great opportunity to become part of a motivated and fun team , creating facilities for our Yoga School, Sacred Earth, Yoga Festival and Conscious Community at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre. A basic knowledge of tools and carpentry required.
Three+ months position with some paid hours available.
Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre is looking for a grounds person to maintain and co-create a beautiful peaceful and inspiring environment. You will have 19 acres of bush, streams, gardens and retreat facilities to oversee, with the assistance of other volunteers. Some landscaping ability welcomed. We would love a commitment for several months if possible. We offer a great community environment in which to evolve.
Three+ months position with some paid hours available.
Looking for a technically minded person to assist at our Retreat Centre with:

  • technical support and advice
  • assisting retreat leaders with troubleshooting for presentations
  • staff with their work station set-up and emails etc.

Three+ months position with some paid hours available.

Wwoofers Testimonials

Thank you Kawai Purapura

“It has been such a pleasure my time here at Kawai Purapura. I have learnt so many valuable lessons that I will carry with me always. It has been a very transformational time and has given me the experience I required to come into greater alignment with myself so I can step more fully now into my inner calling. So I will always have such deep gratitude for you and the space that you hold (which I see is vast – in awe!) and all the wonderful people that I have had the good fortune to meet and work alongside as well of course the power of the land and the wisdom of the ancestors held here to support us on our unique and collective journeys.”

Emily, March 2014

WWOOFers delight! Perfect base camp for travelling the North Island!

“Kawai Purapura or KP as I have come to call it, was an exceptional place for our first WWOOFing experience. The community is very well established and the duties expected of you are routine while still allowing variation. Daily work starts at 9 and shift ends at 12. They offer discounted yoga classes, community dinners, semi-private accommodation, and the ability to work extra hours for days off. The property itself is absolutely serene and includes many tramps. The staff at KP is as friendly as they come and we look forward to using this as our WWOOFing base camp for our travels.”

Troy and Brian

You can see other testimonials from WWOOFers official wwoofing website for New Zealand(you need to be registered)!