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Project Description

A true master is not the one with the most students,
but the one who creates the most masters
A true leader is not the one with the most followers,
but the one who creates the most leaders
A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge,
but one who cause the most others to have knowledge
And a true god is not one with the most servants,
But one who serves the most, thereby making gods of all others.
(Neale Donald Walsh)

Rehua was raised immersed in the ancient language of his ancestors.
“I grew up with the elements of nature.  I began to know them and they began to know me, and so they became my teachers.  By day I became the CHILD of HINEPUKOHURANGI, The Mist Maiden, and by night the CHILD of HINENUITEPO, The Maiden of the Inner Self.”

Rehua brings a depth of wisdom and heart of his teachings to Tatau Pounamu as Tohunga, teacher, facilitator, and wisdom carrier for this sacred journey of healing and learning from his; Te Kore - The Nothing, (The Seven Healing Gifts of the Ancients , sacred journeys taking you back to your sacred home, Te Kore - the heart of the human spirit) …

TE KORE (The Nothing)
I te timatatanga ko te kore mai te kore,
Ko te kore-te-whiwhia mai te kore
Te whiwhia
Ko te kore-terawea
I roto I te kore, ko HANI raua ko PUNA ko

In the beginning there was Nothing, And from the Nothing came the Void
In which nothing could be obtained,
And from the Void in which Nothing could be obtained,
Came the Void in which Nothing could be done

 Inside the Nothing was HANI and PUNA,
The dual energies, known as WHATUKURA and MAREIKURA,
(female essence and male essence) called the WAIRUA

Be aware of the power OF SILENCE