About Kawai Purapura

New Zealand Fern

Our Name

Kawai Purapura’s name signifies the nexus point between the past and the future.

Kawai is the memory, ancestry, and tracing of the lineage from the past. Purapura is the seed of the future.

As we stand upon the land we remember the past and our thoughts and memories trail back into the past like tendrils. That from which we have come has planted a seed with the new dawn, which comes as the sun rises over the horizon.

Te Tai Hauāuru in Glade

“I would like to invite you all to come and be part of an integrative vision through the Kawai Purapura experience.”

Jenny Cottingham,
Director at Kawai Purapura

Kawai Purapura’s Vision

To create a sacred place where we transform the way we relate with the land, each other and the planet, so that future generations will live in a healthier, harmonious, socially responsible, spiritually aware, regenerative world.

Prema Centre Deck during Festival

Retreat Centre

The centre has grown steadily over the past five years, becoming one of New Zealand’s most popular destinations for retreats, conferences and seminars in natural health, environmental awareness and personal development.
Yoga Class in Lotus Studio

Social Consciousness

Social consciousness in New Zealand is blossoming into an integration of health care, social concerns and spiritual awareness. We reflect this integration by providing a fostering environment for a sense of peace and well-being.
Veg Garden at Kawai Purapura

Holistic Community

At Kawai Purapura we have a residential community that offers the opportunity to live and work in harmony with each other and the environment. The residents contribute greatly to the overall vision for the land.

The underlying philosophy that guides development of our retreat centre is one of harmonious living with the land.

We believe the omniscient consciousness is to be found within the human heart where all is synthesised into oneness.

We aim to manifest  ideals of natural health & healing, spirituality, sustainable lifestyle and social responsibility.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or come to visit us.
We are situated in Albany on the North Shore, just 30 mins from Auckland.