Sannyasi Pragyadhara

Sannyasi Pragyadhara
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Personal Yoga Teacher, Director of Yoga Education and Lead Teacher, Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre Lead Tutor & Wellpark College Diploma of Yoga.

My name is important to me

My name was given to me by my guru swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. Its meaning represents my life’s work.

Pragyadhara means ‘The flow of wisdom.’ To me, flow is dynamic, fluid, innovative and adaptable. Wisdom is inner knowing and is not reliant on external knowledge but an awakened intuition that is forged through a synthesis of experience, understanding and love.

Even after 18 years of studying and sharing Satyananda Yoga, every day brings fresh opportunities to embrace these qualities and pass them onto students through my classes, courses, workshops and events. [link]. As a teacher and mentor, it’s my privilege to guide people through their own personal exploration of how Yoga can transform lives. I like to take a personal interest in my students’ yoga journey and empower them to cultivate inner resilience and confidence

What Yoga means to me

The experience of Yoga should encompass something for the body, mind and spirit. We learn through living yoga by applying the principles, not just studying it. For me, Asana, which is a part of Hatha yoga, is just the tip of the iceberg!

I’d like to expose students to a wide range of yogic techniques, philosophy and lifestyle so they can uplift themselves and others and communicate this ancient science to improve the quality of their own lives and those around them. There is always someone we know who could benefit from yoga.

My approach

I aim to share simple yet profound yogic tools to enrich a wide range of people’s lives, from those looking to gain better health to those wanting to transform their current situation. My teaching comes from a strong platform of empowered knowledge reflecting pragmatic wisdom. My goal is to mentor – to get alongside people, tune in to what they need and allow them a grounded, supportive space to transform in a natural way. My yoga classes strike the perfect balance of traditional yogic knowledge to modern form, helping you apply thousands of years of ancient insight to your everyday life.

My teaching Journey

I’m passionate about teaching yoga and have been practicing Satyananda Yoga for 18 years, developing and extending my skills as a teacher here and overseas.

My training is based on the teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga, also known as Satyananda Yoga, where I spent five years as a student/resident and teacher, completing a Masters in yoga Psychology in 2005. This internationally renowned system of integral Yoga focuses on harmonising the mind, body, and emotions. It is a systematic approach to self-transformation, grounded in both ancient practices and modern science. This fusion of modern evolutionary form and traditional technology is close to my heart.

Later trained and accredited by the Satyananda Yoga Academy Australia, I experienced one of the most comprehensive yoga teacher training courses in the world. My knowledge is grounded in many years of dedicated personal practice, yogic lifestyle and teaching. Plus, I’ve been lucky enough to travel and teach in China, Australia and India in diverse settings, to a wide range of students.

Connect with me

Throughout the year, I travel and host workshops and lifestyle immersion retreats on a range of practices derived from the classical branches (Hatha, Raja, Bhakti and Mantra). Learn more about my Yoga courses and events or connect with me on social media .

My teaching includes

Asana labs; alignment, modifications, sequences for flexibility, strength, endurance and other specific goals

· Developing and maintaining a home practice

· Yoga Therapy through Hatha Yoga cleansing practices – nasal cleansing, cleansing techniques for digestive disorders

· Restorative yoga – supported poses, joint series, digestive series and energy release series, breathwork and relaxation to support healing and relaxation

· Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation and accessible meditation technique

· Pranayama – beginner to advanced

· Meditation

· Mantra chanting

· Havan – Vedic fire ritual for health and healing

· Kirtan – The yoga of sound and vibration.

Like to know more? Let’s connect! I’d love to hear about your yoga journey 

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