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Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere CBE, has had the great honour of sharing ancient teachings with 150 + Nations, the Americas, Mediterranean, Middle East, Great Britain, East Asia, South Pacific, Europe, and recently Alaska.

A renowned  Maori Elder, Wisdom Keeper (The Oracle) and Orator, a Tohuna Tipua (Sower of the Sacred Seeds of Knowledge, and Keeper of the Secrets) who like her kinsmen, the Kahuna from Hawaii, is a cosmic force who chose to be born into an ancient Maori Lineage, including the Kura Huna (Mystery School in the Twelfth and Uppermost Heaven).

As an Educationalist, this Tohuna Tipua, has represented New Zealand, internationally many times. A Great Grandmother, and Revered Elder, upholds the Spirit of Oneness, Peace, Love, Joy and Truth, with the whole of Creation. One of her many aims in life, is to help people remember who they truly are, as both Celestial and Terrestrial Beings.

As the Eternal Spirit of Rongo-ma-tane a Mareikura (Archaea Amethyst), Dr Pere the “Keeper”, is also linked into the “Keeper” of Rongo-ma-tane’s Twin Flame, Tumatauenga, a Whatukura, (Archangel Zadkeil).  The Mareikura and the Whatukura, uphold Kahukura (the Violet Flame) as One, and for the first time in the history of Creation, both “Keepers” are in on the Terrestrial at the same time.  As an Eternal Spirit having a physical journey, she tries to keep a balance between her Celestial and Terrestrial state of being.

Dr. Pere was guided to share her language and teachings with Non Maori people, particularly in regard to their total well-being; living with nature, including indigenous plants, and tuning in with their Guardians the Patupaiarehe (Celestial, Terrestrial Star Beings, like herself).

Walking on the New Threshold with the understanding that the whole of Creation is going to return to the perfection that it is in the Uppermost Heaven, by 2038, if not before; helps to keep Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere, walking steadfastly Onward and Upward.

So Be It.
Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere CBE

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