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Founded by Sri Swami Vidyanand, Transformational Yoga® offers a complete approach to well-being, focusing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health.

Transformational Yoga is an innovative and highly effective yogic system, which synthesizes techniques of Hatha, Raja, Mantra, and Kundalini Yoga to bring about rapid transformation within the mind, body and spirit. Powerful, yet gentle, everyone from the most experienced yogis to complete beginners can reap the benefits of this purifying yoga practice.
“Transformational Yoga is a means to relax, clean and awaken all seven Chakras through Yogasana, Pranayama and Mantra.” – Swami Vidyanand

Moving far beyond just physical exercise, Transformational Yoga functions on a deeper level, stimulating kundalini energy to move up through the chakras. In depth focus of asanas, the chakras, mantras, and breathing and meditation techniques gives you the knowledge you need to purify your body and connect with your true self.



Stabilised emotions
Do you ever get irritable, grumpy? Does your mood fluctuate or your temper flare regularly? Transformational Yoga (like yoga in general) is a brilliant stabiliser for moods and hormones, helping us to be kinder and more loving to ourselves and to others. It increases our self-awareness, enabling us to be more in tune with our feelings and in charge of our behaviours.

Improved balance
Is life a little hectic? Are you always on the go? We all need to make time to balance ourselves properly. The Transformational Yoga poses and exercises help bring balance to not only your physical body (through the nature of the yoga poses), but also to your mind, your emotions and your daily / weekly routine.

Boosted positivity
Would you like to improve your outlook on life? Transformational Yoga is an enjoyable and uplifting yogic practice, which teaches you to feel good about yourself inside and out and brightens your world view.

Mental clarity
Do you have trouble focusing? Does your mind often wander? Are you unsure of your purpose and the true meaning of your life? Transformational Yoga is an ideal way to improve your concentration and gain greater clarity through simple, yet effective techniques and breathing exercises. Learn to clear your head from the chaos and begin to hear and understand your own thoughts. Become more mindful and get connected to your inner-self.

Deepened relaxation
Do you often feel stressed? Is your nervous system on over-load? When was the last time you felt truly relaxed? Transformational Yoga is a deeply relaxing practice, which teaches you tools, postures, and breathing exercises to help you to relax beyond the session in everyday life.

Greater self-esteem
Would you like to feel better about yourself? Do you know your true value? Many people sadly struggle with self-worth. Transformational Yoga is an encouraging and nurturing yogic system. Learn to stand tall, within and without, and take your rightful place in the world.


So there you have it! It is not about twisting yourself up in knots. It is about tuning into the needs of your body, relaxing your mind and opening up to your inner spirit. It is about purifying the physical, mental and psychic body, eliminating stresses and negativity from every aspect of your being. It is about discovering the elements and structure of your inner self to find peace, harmony and clarity within. Now, who wouldn’t want to do that?

There are so many benefits to Transformational Yoga® that must be experienced to be truly believed. We are blessed to be hosting a Transformational Yoga Workshop with the founder of this remarkable yogic system – Swami Vidyanand, here at Kawai Purapura on 3-4 March 2018.

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