The Ko-oP is an initiative by some creative KP residents, displaying a wide variety of handmade, new & pre-loved items, including: jewelry, ornaments, carvings, clothing, candles, incense, blessed water, sacred objects, crystals, shoes, bags, mirrors, and more, at reasonable prices.

The word Ko-oP fits in with KP (Kawai Purapura).

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 12.30PM – 1.30PM,
Saturday 10AM to 4 PM

To arrange an opening time outside of normal shop hours, call the shop manager Helen on 027 311 0028. If she is not available, try calling one of the following numbers:
– 022 388 5529
– 020 417 66300
– 021 227 5911

We hope that you will stop by for a look!