Healing Benefits of Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

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A sacred tradition of the Native American people, the sweat lodge is a unique healing ritual with deep detoxifying benefits to the body, mind and soul. It is a cultural and spiritual experience that delivers a journey of physical purification and personal initiation for the participants.

Typically a dome-shaped or rectangular structure made with natural materials, the sweat lodge contains a pile of hot rocks. Much like a traditional sauna, these stones are heated by fire, water poured over intermittently to create rising steam. The intensity of the heat has been said to symbolize the challenges and fires faced in our work, our relationships and our lives. As the steam and temperature rises inside the lodge, so do the senses of the people within. While the heat of the sauna is primarily a physical cleansing process, the healing benefits of the sweat lodge transpire beyond the physical body.

Physical Detoxification & Healing – the body is provided with antibacterial and wound-healing benefits.
Mental Purification & Healing – the mind is freed of distractions, offering clarity of thought.
Spiritual Healing – it allows for introspection and connection to the earth, to the planet and to the spirit world.

Whilst inside the lodge, people may speak, share stories, sing songs and pray. The sweat lodge can help people through difficult transitions assisted by the presence of a medicine person (Shaman). Many people are touched by the experience in unexpected ways with responses that range from a sense of deep cleansing, of unity, a feeling of being part of the earth and healing old or new wounds.

At our 2018 Voices of Sacred Earth Festival we are honoured to have an amazing Medicine Woman, Giselle, joining us to hold three Sweat Lodge Ceremonies (Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning). Numbers are capped at 20 per ceremony so it’s advised to book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are available here and cost just $50.

Please bring a change of clothes and drink plenty of water before and after to keep hydrated.