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Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response.

…Viktor Frankl

This workshop introduces the koshas (layers of our being) and offers yoga practices to help maintain harmony and balance as you ride the waves of your daily emotions. Explore asana, breath work, mindfulness, meditation and yoga nidra to help manage your emotions more effectively and respond to life with awareness, compassion and acceptance. No yoga experience necessary.


Brendon Yoga and Emotions1is an accredited yoga teacher with experience teaching yoga in the community and in health and rehabilitation centres. Mindfulness and the belief that deep presence and stillness assist heal ing are woven into his approach. Brendon is also a NZ registered social worker currently working in palliative care.

Contact:         027 281 0445



ChintaYoga and Emotions2mani is an accredited yoga teacher with a degree in clinical psychology. She blends traditional western psychology with yoga practices. She believes in the importance of knowing how to turn inward and simply ‘be’ with your Self so you can connect with your inner voice and live aligned with your true nature.

Contact:           021 402 177




Contact Brendon or Chintamani to book your place.