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October 14, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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A new perspective on food cravings, emotional eating and binge eating.
Combining nutrition, psychology and neuroscience to gain freedom from food obsession, sense of food addiction and weight issues.

Solving The Overeating Puzzle: Get to the heart of your eating habits. Tickets only $39.95

If you’ve ever found yourself eating secretly and fast, when nobody is watching, to the point of discomfort or even pain – feeling frustrated, guilty and ashamed – promising yourself to never do it again – then you know the endless cycle of restrictions, overeating, and guilt.
Perhaps you feel like you are addicted to food, thinking about food all day long, worrying about what and how much you ate. Or maybe once you start eating, you can’t stop and it’s affecting your weight, health and mental well-being. You feel like something is wrong with you and feel ashamed of how you act around food. You try to do everything you know and start off well, but keep going back to the old habits and can’t seem to break those patterns.
Come and spend an evening with Eugenia to uncover what’s driving your overeating habits and get to the heart of food cravings, emotional eating and overeating. End the cycle of self-sabotage, shame and guilt.

About Eugenia:
Eugenia is specializing in Eating psychology, in particular, emotional eating, binge eating overeating and disordered eating. Her expertise has been featured in magazines such as Stuff.co.nz, NEXT and NZ Good Healthy Choices. She has been interviewed on Radio Live talking about ending the war with food and body and body image and the shame that comes with it.
Her unique background in psychology, holistic nutrition, mindfulness, coaching and NLP allows her to combine powerful tools to give people unique treatment which can resolve the root cause of issues around food for good.
She suffered from an eating disorder over 10 years and since her recovery, she has now been able to help hundreds of people doing the same.