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July 26, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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An enjoyable evening of Sound Healing, Light Language, Chakra Balancing, Toning and Voice Exploration, hosted by Nicola Gibbons.

Each human body has its own unique sound or vibration. The intention is to leave with a greater sense of confidence in your own voice and tone, and speaking out.

And with guided exercises, also feel a greater sense of harmony in your body; through letting out your own sound. Toning is easy and begins to free the voice again. It is also very Healing, for yourself and others.

The first half of the group is lying down, as this group begins with Light Language activations by Nicola, specifically for this group. To balance and attune the Heart, Solar Plexus and the Throat Chakra. Then its up, doing the toning and voice exercise’s together.

Nicola speaks Light Language with Songs and Sound Healing. The language is Lemurian, to calm and soothe the nervous system. The Light Language words activate the DNA with coding to also activate your own divine power and inner wisdom.

Nicola (NZ) hosts ‘Lemuria Rising’ groups around the world and has been based mainly in Glastonbury (UK) the last few years. Lemuria was a time of peace, and we are remembering how to live together again in this way.

Take your place in the circle… (in the Lotus Room)

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‘It has been a privilege to participate & assist in supporting Nicola in her Lemurian Rising groups. I have witnessed from the very earliest groups the wonderful energies that arise throughout an evening. Nicola’s natural abilities of bringing through sacred tones has helped to shift stuck energies & helped ground in higher vibrational frequencies through her gifted channelling. Not forgetting experiencing first hand the group collective sound toning that has emerged at the end of these groups. So Amazing, Uplifting & Empowering! Thankyou!’ Jacque Testa