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August 3, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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Welcome to the journey of celebrating Love and coming Home to the heart.

This journey will include elements like music, movement and positive feelings to awaken the heart and expand our connection to ourselves and others.

In daily life we often privilege the mind, so this is an opportunity to come into the heart, tune into our self, experience the joy of life, express emotions, heal, and bond with other beautiful hearts.

This session consists of a flow of meditations, movement and expression, and practices to connect with self, others and the universe.

Kawai Purapura (14 Mills Ln, Albany) – Venue: Shanti

Free for Kawai Purapura residents/woofers, $5 for non-KP-residents/woofers.

– Agnes Cofiño was born in Argentina. She is a Life Beloved. Her passion is sharing experiences with others and “flow with life”. Biodanza system student, she had journeyed through several personal processes. She has come to New Zealand full of energy and love to share with anyone who wants to make every day a magical opportunity to enjoy life.
– Catia is a Yoga paradigm teacher, passionate about Love & Life, and combining the wisdom of Eastern philosophies/spiritualities with the science of Western psychologies (along with other influences e.g. Mindfulness, Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnosis, Reiki, etc.). Her goal is to help create the conditions for people awaken to their true potential, (re-)integrate mind-body-spirit, and return home to peace, love, kindness, freedom, joy, fulfilment, and interconnection.