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August 28, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - August 30, 2020 @ 9:00 pm
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Deep dive or Teach Mindfulness Auckland
2.5 day Auckland retreat

Accommodation is not included and must be booked separately.

We have a limited number of partial scholarships available to people with a background in mindfulness. If cost is a barrier to attending, please get in touch to find out more.

Retreat includes 2.5 day training and deep dive into Ovio Mindfulness, Ovio journal and workbook, Ovio Mindfulness Teaching kit, and full catering.

This course is designed for you to develop or enhance your own personal mindfulness practice, broaden your professional skill base, and gain the skills needed to share and teach mindfulness to others in a personal or professional setting. It’s a hugely rewarding experience.

Over 2.5 days you’ll take a deep dive into mindfulness at a personal and experiential level, and then learn to guide and teach others using Ovio Mindfulness – simple, yet powerful tools to improve mental and physical wellness, stress and anxiety management, enhance relationships, and improve performance. We guarantee you’ll grow both personally and professionally through this course.

By becoming an Ovio Accredited Mindfulness facilitator, you’ll be able to use your deeper knowledge of mindfulness, together with the teaching resources and skills you’ve learnt, to support the emotional and physical wellness of those you guide or teach, to develop more self-aware, connected, compassionate individuals, teams and communities.


A deeper knowledge and practice of mindfulness
Simple, yet powerful mindfulness techniques for home, work or business
Mindful listening and speaking techniques
The skills and resources to teach mindfulness and share it with others
Ovio Mindfulness Accreditation
A community of connected and link-minded professionals


This course is ideal for anyone wanting to deepen their own mindfulness practice, and inspire or teach others to use mindfulness in their daily life. You’ll gain the skills and materials to guide others in mindfulness techniques or run your own mindfulness courses.

On the course we have had life coaches, yoga teachers, wellness consultants, natural health practitioners, mums, nurses, health professionals, an integrative health specialist, HR Managers, a corporate professional development consultant, scientist, rugby coach, university student and dietician. These people have all added mindfulness to their skill base and way of living, and gained the confidence, resources and training to share and teach mindfulness to others in a personal or professional setting.

Whether you want to teach mindfulness, be more present as a partner or parent, build a high-performance team or culture, or perhaps you’re just someone who wants to enjoy more happiness and less stress and anxiety in your day to day work or family life, this course will help you get there.

Ovio’s Mindfulness courses are secular and neuroscience-based. Prior knowledge of mindfulness is useful but not a prerequisite. Our goal is to see you integrate your own personal life experience, skills and wisdom to deliver our step-by-step Ovio Mindfulness program in your own unique way.


Once you’ve enrolled you will be sent the pre-work for the course. This will help you get into mindfulness mode and takes around 2 hours.

This session is designed to introduce you to Ovio’s simple, yet powerful techniques to help you develop a mindfulness practice in your daily life. With this solid foundation in mindfulness, you’re ready to start your journey towards deeper mindfulness practice and Ovio Accreditation.

During this 2-day interactive workshop you will learn and hone your mindfulness facilitation skills. Each of the three sessions from the Ovio Mindfulness course will be covered in more depth to enable you to build on the foundation skills you’ve learnt, deepen your own mindfulness practice, and ensure you’re able to confidently deliver and embody the teachings.

Working in groups we’ll utilise a powerful coaching model to tap into the creative energy of the group, and maximise your learning and insights. You’ll learn mindful listening and speaking techniques, which will help in all areas of your life. Be prepared to share from the heart – we believe that vulnerability helps open a safe space from which others will see the new potential within themselves.


Ovio Mindfulness Accreditation Certificate
Ovio Journal & Workbook
Full Catering (Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Tea)
Ovio Mindfulness Teaching Kit including Ovio Mindfulness PowerPoint presentation and presenter notes, Audio content, A3 printed presenter slides (optional extra).
Access to ongoing information, events and workshops
Exclusive invite to join the Ovio Professionals Network and receive licensing to run your own courses, course and material updates, marketing support and resources, free webinars and regular ongoing mindfulness training and support. (Membership is $27 per month).


Completing the Ovio Master & Teach Mindfulness course gives you accreditation as an Ovio Mindfulness Facilitator. You can then use the Ovio Mindfulness techniques and materials you’ve learnt to share Ovio Mindfulness with others.

By joining the Ovio Professionals Network ($27 per month), you are then able to deliver Ovio Mindfulness courses commercially to the public in a context that suits your life experience and qualifications, at a frequency that fits with your personal or professional life. As a member of the Ovio Professionals network you can access all of our Ovio Mindfulness course updates and materials, marketing tools, order Ovio journals, participate in regular webinars, and promote your courses on the Ovio website.

Ovio’s Master & Teach Mindfulness is so much more than a training course. It‘s an opportunity to become part of a supportive community of like-minded people, inspiring each other to create a better world. Co-teaching opportunities are available and encouraged. This allows you to teach alongside an experienced Ovio Mindfulness Facilitator to further your understanding of the course. And Ovio is often looking for accredited facilitators to help out with the ongoing demand for Ovio Mindfulness in workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools and community groups.


CALL: 027 664 6449 | EMAIL:

Cheryl is an accredited mindfulness consultant and life coach, with a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, physiology and psychology.

In her 18 years working at large multinational corporations, Cheryl witnessed many colleagues and friends suffer from the impact of a fast-paced, stressful lifestyle. This inspired her to change her life direction, and complete further training in mindfulness and life coaching.

In 2013, Cheryl founded Ovio Mindfulness Solutions. Through Ovio, Cheryl’s mission is to teach people how to cut through the noise in their heads, to live with purpose and balance; allowing them to tap into their true potential. Cheryl has run mindfulness programs at medical and healthcare facilities, worked with businesses in the public and private sector, and coached a range of people from kids to corporate executives.

Cheryl also inspires audiences at schools and conferences around the country. An impassioned and engaging speaker, she combines her empathetic approach with her vision that a rich and fulfilling life is possible for everyone.

“Cheryl was an amazing facilitator of the 4-week course I just attended. Her manner and explanations flowing from our observations were truly insightful.”

Cheryl lives in Karori, Wellington with her husband, three teenage kids, a cat and dog. She has an amazing zest for living life to the full, spending time in nature and being with family and friends.