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September 26, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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Own Your Sexuality, Sensuality and Your Desire. Embody Your Full Power As A Woman.

Dancing Eros has fast become recognised as one of the most powerful and transformational journeys for women’s sexual empowerment.

This course focuses on the authentic embodiment of five feminine erotic archetypes.
We will explore these powerful expressions of our sexuality and ourselves.

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Discover your deepest vulnerability and longings. Access your softness sensuality, your ability to receive love from others and from yourself. Release trauma, baggage and control from your past, open into trust and surrender into being fully SEEN!

Fully let go and get out of your head. Unleash your intensity, expression, unapologetic instinctual power. Connect to your animalistic nature. Own your shadow, your ugly, your loud untameable essence and freedom. Learn how to Stop Giving a FUCK!!!

Experience and know yourself as the Goddess. Connect deeply to the spirituality of your sexuality. Learn how to have strong energetic boundaries, self worth and respect. Raise your vibration and find deeper presence and stillness. Let go of shrinking or dimming your power and give yourself permission to fully SHINE.

This energy gives us the potential to heal our mother wound as well as our own personal conditionings around nurturing, love and sexuality. The Erotic Mother is deep, lush, fertile, grounding, balanced, nurturing and orgasmically alive.

Say Yes to life. To your body. To orgasm and pleasure. Open in your play, your joy, your beauty and sexy exhibitionist. Learn how she can be a gift rather than a weapon. Let go of shame and guilt and own your desire to fully express yourself.
This work is edgy. This is for women who are really ready to go deep. There may be moments on this journey of feeling uncomfortable, shit scared and awkward (this may have even started already!) which is totally normal and part of the process. You will be fully supported to go beyond your comfort zone safely in this journey and open into to all aspects of yourself.
You don’t have to be able to dance, coordination is not a prerequisite for this journey! This is MUCH more than a sexy dance class. It is a lot of fun, but it will also really call you deep into parts of yourself you may have never met. It is only when we go to our edges that we grow and it’s the shit that scares us the most that offers us the biggest transformation.
On this journey you will receive amazing resources, homework and practices to support you to integrate your experience of the journey into your life.
As well as being welcomed into an amazing, thriving sisterhood and community (online and offline). of powerful women to share, support and inspire you in your journey into deeper sexual empowerment and self-love.
When we step into our sexual power the effects ripple out into our entire life. Women
participating in Dancing Eros have quit their unfulfilling jobs, lost weight without doing anything different, had their first orgasms, found the courage to start living their purpose, attracted amazing partners and experienced many other massive breakthroughs in unexpected areas of their world.
This journey will change your connection to yourself, your relationships to others and your life!

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Tuesday September 19’th 6.30pm – 10pm
Tuesday September 26’th 6.30pm – 10pm
Tuesday October 3’rd 6.30 – 10pm
Tuesday October 10’th 6.30pm – 10pm
Tuesday October 17’th 6.30pm – 10pm
Tuesday October 24’th 6.30pm – 10pm
Sunday October 29’th 11am – 10.30pm (Ritual Day)
Tuesday October 31’st 6.30pm – 10pm


Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre
Shanti Studio
14 Mills Lane
Auckland 0632

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These courses are very popular and will sell out.
As this is the first ever course in New Zealand I am offering it at a special welcome price of $500 for the full 8 weeks.
Note: Payment plan options are available with an added 2% per payment. Please contact me if money is an issue.

Note that no refunds are available on any tickets.


Since the birth of Dancing Eros in April 2013 there have been 35 courses with over 500 women going through the journey and joining the amazing DE community. With each course the practice has become more and more powerful with many women attending over and over again and courses filling fast and transformations being massive!


Rani is a Dancing Eros facilitator and a yoga teacher. Her background is largely based around embodied movement. She has found tantric sexuality practices to be incredibly healing. Through this work she has gained access to her shameless erotic nature and authentic self love.
Dancing Eros has played a big role in Rani’s healing journey, holding space for deep transformation. She is very passionate about both sharing and facilitating this work with other women so they can explore their own growth and connection. Opening to the feminine mystery and allowing space for deep self honour. This work has been so empowering for Rani, she continues to journey the depths of her wholeness and the incredible healing and joy that is accessed through sacred sexuality. She would love for all women to have this opportunity.

If you have any questions about the journey please check out the FAQ page on the website: www.vanessaflorence.com/about/dancing-eros-faq.