An afternoon with Jeffree and The Playing Fields

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October 13, 2019 @ 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
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Join Jeffree in the Prema Lounge for a scintillating LIVE presentation of his brand-new meditation track, “The Playing Fields”. Come along and enjoy a magical afternoon in the sweet vibrations of Jeffree’s blissful music and uplifting vision – your inner child awaits!

The music of “The Playing Fields” is designed as an accompaniment for an inner journey meditation. It is also musical sound-art for your listening pleasure.
An inner journey meditation promotes within us, deep levels of inner peace and connection with our essential being. With regular practice we develop a more in-depth understanding of our deeper self and our interactions with the world around us.
Music designed for meditation, provides a congenial sound atmosphere for maintaining extended periods in a deep meditative state. Music for meditation can also provide thematic inspiration that will unfold an inner journey in a specific direction.
The music of the “The Playing Fields” is designed to enhance the creative-mind through making a connection with our “Inner Child” energy. Jeffree’s inspiration for creating this music has come from his own Inner child experience.

The Playing Fields has a vibration that will uplift and awaken the naturally creative energy of our innermost being. Regular visits to The Playing Fields will unfold to a more balanced and free thinking awareness, leading to a happier more positive outlook on life.

The Playing Fields journey

For the purposes of this journey we ask that you be open to the possibility your arrival to human life was complete in the essential creative quality held within your inner child. With your human transition, came your spiritual inheritance from a dimension where you existed as pure consciousness in a free and creative state . . .

Because it is an ideal method of inward travel, Meditation becomes the perfect vehicle for accessing deeper, unconscious qualities of awareness within us. The music will assist in helping you maintain an ongoing peaceful state that empowers your inner journey become a palpable and memorable experience. In your meditation, notice any symbols in thought and visualisation. Your pre human memory will likely express as positive and pleasurable “feelings”, subtle and profound. Enjoy your journey and discovery.

The music visualises children playing in a field of Wild Flowers. Connect with whatever image you have of this. When the music becomes quiet and spacious, allow your visualisations to become your feelings as you journey deep within . . .

For a deeper meditation have the music quiet and remember to be in stillness of body. This meditation can be repeated as often as you like. With each succession you will integrate a new and deeper level of your inner child awareness. As your inner child becomes more integrated, you can enjoy the music at a louder volume.