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December 20, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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We invite you to press pause in the busiest time of the year and decide to invest this time in you, decide that you’re worthy of that investment, that those ideas you have, those people you want to help, whatever your desire is, that you are worthy of this reality now not later. Don’t leave any of the vision you have for 2021 to chance. Take this as an opportunity to embody your 2021 now, so that at the end of 2021 you can safely say “that was my most beautiful year yet”.
Join Ash Duncan, Cacao Facilitator & Founder of Ash Sacred Healing, and Britt Little, Life Coach, & Social Entrepreneur, for a magical vision journey that will help you shape your most beautiful year to come. Ash & Britt’s 5+ years combined experience in the wellness, coaching and facilitation space means your day will be filled with powerful practices, techniques, activities & ancient wisdom teachings that have proven in their own lives that anything we envision is possible. We will be providing you with a transformative visioning journey with tangible action steps, that will leave you with a blueprint on how to make your most magical year yet a reality.
All you have to do is decide. Decide that you are worthy of investing in this time for you to create the most beautiful transformative blueprint on how to get there. Why not end the year the way we want to start the next? Imagine what beautiful unfolding’s are instore for you if you decide you are worthy of that.
Who is this for?
• Someone who is ready to go all in on the version of them that is ready to step forward
• Someone who is highly committed to having the most magical year their heart knows is possible
• Someone who is wanting to join a community of inspiring heart led individuals who are deeply invested in their own growth and developing their inner worlds for the better
• Someone who is ready to let go all limiting beliefs that have stopped them in the past from calling forward the version of them that is ready to give their full self to their ideas, dreams and visions that are ready to be felt in this world
• Anyone who wants more clarity on their vision, or those who have an idea of what 2021 will be like and want to flesh it out further. Either level of clarity will gain immense value from this retreat.
What you will receive:
• Blueprint of your 2021 year & a Visual 2021 personalised Calendar
• An series of activities and practices to translate your vision into tangible steps & defining who you need to be to make that vision a reality
• An action plan to transform limiting beliefs and old patterns into new beliefs and a set plan of action to counter old patterns that may arise.
• Access to the Kawai Purapura grounds during the day, bush walks, pool, and spa access included.
• Grounding Cacao ceremony led by Ash Duncan trained by Jemma Gawned from Anchoring the Light
• A day of connection with like minded humans all invested in their own growth
• Ongoing community support to ensure you are guided and supported post-retreat
• Free Vegan lunch, gluten free options available and hot teas throughout the day
• End to the day with live music – artist to be announced soon!