Retreat Catering at Kawai Purapura

Our award-winning chef, Jaynee, lovingly prepares and presents each meal to excite your experience at Kawai Purapura, creating delicious, captivating delights.

By nurturing the body with fresh, delicious, organic whole foods, health and vibrancy is promoted and your body will be re-awakened.

Ask us for a menu now
Ask us for a menu now –  Jaynee will assist retreat holders to design a menu to meet their needs.

  • Seasonal Gourmet Vegetarian – from the Garden to table
  • Wedding Bliss
  • Business Bites
  • Regal Raw Food

Jayne can cater for 5 – 500, with healthy dishes to meet your dietary requirements.  All meals are vegetarian/vegan, organic and locally grown where possible, with gluten free options available.

Breakfast Sample Menu


Housemade Famous KP Buckwheat Granola;
Freshly made coconut yoghurt splashed with Blueberry Jewels;
Freshly squeezed Carott, Ginger and Apple Juice
Red Melons in a bowl - Menu Sample


Fruit, Nuts and Seeds
Israeli Couscous - Lunch Menu Sample


Living Organic Plant Based Salads;
Rainbow Salad – packed full of goodness and energy;
Flaked Almond “Tuna” Salad – plumped soaked almonds;
Seasonal Fruit Platter
Green Smoothies - Snack Menu Sample


Green Goddess Smoothie – power packed with Maca powder and all the goodness from the land
Greens Salad - Dinner Menu Sample


Cashew Alfredo – creamy and delicious made with vegetable spiral noodles;
Kale and Orange Salad – massaged kale with a popping poppy seed dressing
arrot Cake with Chocolate Chips - Dessert Menu Sample


Berry Blast Cheesecake;
Dark Chocolate Chips Carrot Cake;
Chia Seeds Cocoa Pudding in Almond Milk

By nurturing the body, mind and soul with fresh, delicious, organic whole foods, health and vibrancy is promoted and thus a more enlightened experience. Every cell of your body will be awakened and will sparkle with new delights.