Accommodation for Backpackers in our Retreat Centre

Backpacking at Kawai Purapura

The really wonderful thing about backpacking at Kawai Purapura is when you step out of your room, a world of bush, parade of garden and expanse of lawn opens up.  This is something that will definitely not go unnoticed during your stay.  The combination of this experience and the low price makes it a superb place to stay during your journey.

Kawai Purapura is a place of flexibility. Visitors have the option of one, two, or three people per room for real economy. Meals can be provided, or you are welcome to organise your own, in our self-catering vegetarian kitchen. We have many community activities, for example; yoga, chanting, dancing, which you are sure to enjoy and become a part of. All of this will help you to meet new, like-minded, people many of whom have come from all over the world. This, in turn, adds more to your experience here at Kawai Purapura. Something, like the natural environment, that you will take with you long after you arrive home, wherever that may be.

Backpackers Twin Room Accommodation
Backpackers Accommodation

Great Location for Backpackers near Auckland

Despite the wonders of forestry surrounding us, there is free access to Wireless Internet and we are just a ten minute walk to the nearest shopping centre. Albany Bus Station is close by, should this be your preferred mode of transport to or from Kawai Purapura. Both the West Coast and East coast beaches just close by.

Bush walks, a swimming pool and trampoline make it ideal for a family, too. We invite you to visit, you will not be disappointed.

Out of respect for Kawai Purapura and our values, no smoking or alcohol is allowed on the property.

The accommodation costs from $45 with linen and $35 without linen per night. To book a room and for more information please contact our accommodation admin or phone 09 415 9468.

Retreat Centre Treatments

We also offer a variety of treatments, from relaxation and remedial massage to reiki and herbal consultations & remedies.

Daily Community Classes

Everyone is more than welcome to come to our daily community classes, ranging from yoga, meditation and dance.