Anxiety and Depression Workshop

Anxiety and Depression Workshop
Anxiety and Depression Workshop2018-09-18T11:30:35+00:00

FREE Mental Wellbeing Workshop

2 dates available:

20th of October or 3rd of November

9am – 12pm

Learn  important techniques of self care that will help you better look after your wellbeing.
Learn how to cope with anxiety, diminish stress and understand the mechanisms of depression and how to lessen its grip.

Join experienced teacher Sanjay Kumarasingham in half day session that will cover

1. Understanding the building blocks of the Mind

2. Special Keys to overcome anxiety & depression

3. Relaxation Techniques – practical

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The Teacher

Sanjay Kumarasingham, from the Centre for Conscious Awareness NewZealand, is an experienced teacher and moderator of specialist workshops designed to mentally prepare us for better living in our very busy world. He works with at risk and suicidal youth through the Youth in Transition Charitable Trust, and holds regular fortnightly classes for the general public at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre on Saturdays.

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