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Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Workshop 

Special Event Pricing. Last minute Grab a Go deal! $50 per  workshop. Grab your ticket today, deal ends noon Friday 7th December 

Length: 3 hours

Topic: Yoga In the Air

Purpose: introducing a ground knowledge of Aerial yoga, being in the air and have fun

Pre-Intro class (First experience of practice)

JOIN US ON 8 OR 9 DECEMBER! Full Price $150 Per person – Special Deal $ 50


–          Origin of Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga

–          Information of Hammock

–          Philosophy of AGAY

–          Principles/Roles

 Distinguish from traditional yoga

–          focus on how aerial yoga can make something impossible on the floor to become possible & fun

–          demo /experience with selected poses both on the floor and in the air…

A Full Class with special aerial movement.

Since 2016, MIN Yoga has brought the practice of yoga into the lives of thousands of community members across the Auckland.

In 2018, they moved into  a new world-class yoga studio which is designed by the owner of MIN Yoga

About the teachers

About Catalina:

She is an Internationally registered 200hr qualified Yoga and Aerial Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance USA. She is also an Antigravity Instructor. Currently, she is doing a 1.200 hr Yoga Diploma (300 RYT) in Auckland, New Zealand. Originally from Chile, her free and adventurous spirit has moved her around the globe, where she has explored different cultures and connect with her inner wisdom. In this journey, she has had the opportunity of sharing the practice with great masters and students around the world, broadening her understanding of Yoga and life. Her practice is deeply rooted in Indian tradition, where she was formed as Yoga Teacher and could experience the depth of this ancient practice. For her, the practice of yoga is about connecting the body with the mind through the breath, as a way to be in a state of awareness, inner calmness and presence. Her interest in holistic healing, as an alternative way for health and balance, leaded her to learn and practice different techniques of energetic healing, such as Reiki and Thetahealing.

About Eva:

After 12 years of intensive working out at the gym, I began my Yoga journey at Min Yoga. This has been one of the most beautiful things that happened in my life. I have been practicing Yoga exclusively since. To broaden my knowledge of many aspects of yoga, I attended Anti-Gravity Fundamentals 1&2 level Training and qualified as an instructor in July 2018. I am also under-taking a Yoga Alliance registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training which will be finished in September. With the great experience I have had so far, I learned the origin of Yoga, and understand it at a deeper level. Also, I gained the essential knowledge of anatomy and physiology related to Yoga. This has been a benefit to my practice. I would love to share my experience, knowledge and joy with others. Yoga makes the body strong, reminds you to breathe, and helps you stay focused. Yoga is a life time practice. Join me to connect with the divine!

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