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Kawai Purapura is the Maori term for that eternal oneness that exists within the heart of all peoples and all creation. In other cultures and traditions this has been called: Self-realisation; satchidananda (being-ness, awareness, blissfulness in Vedanta) or nirvana (the essential nature in the Buddhist tradition). It is the state of non-dual awareness in which all the past (kawai) and all possible futures (purapura) exist in the eternal moment, pure presence.

A place is inherently sacred when people come together with the sacred intentions and work with the whenua (the land), papatūānuku (the earth) and their own sense of belonging to the place and to the community that inhabits the place.

This property was purchased by the Prema Trust in 2009, with the purpose of healing the land of its history and developing a long held dream of a residential care programme for natural medicine. It is currently a residential village of more than 90 people, a flourishing yoga centre, and a workshop and retreat centre.

The Land

Born on a bright morning during a whakawātea (dawn blessing ceremony) it emerged out of a sense of the history of the land and a hope for the future. This place has been developed as a taonga (treasure) and koha (gift) to Aotearoa (New Zealand), preserving the ngahere (forest), awa (stream) and the tamariki o Tane (the flora and fauna) for future generations.

Ka aranga te wairua o Kāwai Purapura ko te ao. The spirit of Kāwai Purapura arose with the dawn, in that time that is neither dark nor light, neither night nor day, but the place between this world’s dual phenomena; the timeless space that exists beneath the apparent flow of life.

Being at Kāwai Purapura is an opportunity to open to our true nature through conscious living.

Kotahitanga – the oneness of all peoples and all nature is an essential principle that underlies the kaupapa (purpose – vision) of Kāwai Purapura. This awareness of non-duality has been the cornerstone for spiritual traditions over millennia.

Ngati Whatua and Kawai Purapura

Ngati Whatua are the Tangata Whenua of the rohe (region) in which Kawai Purapura sits. The Prema Trust, which owns and operates Kawai Purapura, has a memorandum of understanding with Ngati Whatua, which guides the relationship. Central to this relationship is the whenua (land) of Kawai Purapura. The name of Kawai Purapura was gifted by Ngati Whatua kuia and kaumatua (elders) at a whakawaatea (dawn blessing) in 2009.

Prema Charitable Trust

Kawai Purapura is owned by The Prema Charitable Trust, which was founded in 1990. The Prema Trust also runs The Wellpark College of Natural Therapies.

The vision of the trust is to foster a deep understanding of the highest aspiration of a human being, which is to realise Self. The development of this understanding is encouraged through teaching and natural medicine, psychological studies, living in harmony with nature and each other, and spirituality. The Prema Trust serves the world and its people through education. It endeavours to make the world a better place for all beings.

To promote understanding that Love is the basis for the universe and this can be expressed as loving relationships with all living things.