500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura
Integrated, evolutionary and life changing


Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice, refine your teaching skills and continue the journey of self-mastery in order to help others? Would you like to become more specialised than you already are? And does gaining in-depth knowledge of all aspects of yoga to become an empowered teacher, authentic yoga therapist and/or yoga nidra specialist sound good to you? Then the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura is for you.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Alliance certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training runs as two distinct 150 Hour modules, that can be taken as one training or separately upon completion of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. The modules are structured to provide advanced experience and understanding in all aspects of yoga, to evolve as a teacher and to facilitate teaching to all levels and conditions of students.

Yoga Therapeutics
150 Hours
Dates T.B.A.

Course content

  • Re-educating the body to greater health and well-being
  • Postural analysis and assessment tools
  • Tools for an effective therapist
  • Traditional yoga therapy techniques
  • Designing yoga therapy plans
  • The subtle body: chakras, tattwas, pranas, gunas and koshas
  • Ayurveda as a therapeutic science
  • Mantras for healing and wellbeing

Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga
150 Hours
29 January – 6 February 2018

Course content

  • Meditation techniques for healing on all levels
  • Creative visualisation techniques
  • Basic Breathing Methods
  • The PM series
  • Teaching restorative practices
  • Integrating restorative yoga in class
  • Inducing the free flow of energy
  • Effective use of props

Image result for registered yoga school 300For more details regarding the accreditation, visit the website of Yoga Alliance to see our profile.

Interested? Have a look at the website dedicated to the Yoga Teacher Trainings at Kawai Purapura: www.yogatraining.nz

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While I came on this teacher training course to hone my yoga practice and learn the structures to put in place internally (personally) and externally (environment) toward becoming a yoga teacher, I am leaving with so much more than I anticipated. I have a head full of knowledge, skills, techniques, options, mantras. More importantly, I have an awakening, awareness and an appreciation of what it really means to live the life of a yogini. Each and every person I have come in contact with at this course has played part in this awakening. I feel so grateful to have had this experience. Thank you all!
The aims for which I took up this course have been very well achieved. I am taking away a lot of tools to be able to teach. I have many highlights from the training which include; yoga nidra, excellent teachers, especially Pragyadhara, Becca and Felicity, plus learning alignment well, learning about sequencing, safety, benefits, the business side of setting up a yoga business and the skype question and answer session with Swami Shankaratilka. I have honed my skills, and learned so much more. I feel able to teach now without confusion, so thanks! I would highly recommend this course, yoga is valuable.
Thank you Kawai Purapura, Pragyadhara and Becca for creating a programme that allows full immersion into the realm of yoga, integrating mind and soul with the physical practices. Through your teaching my appreciation for yoga has grown incredibly and I feel prepared for the next step in my journey.