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We all know yoga is healthy for our bodies and our brains, but have you started doing it with your kids? Yoga has been shown to help children sleep better, adjust their energy levels (wake them up or calm them down), improve their focus, and keep them active and healthy! Whether your little ones are doing yoga at home with you, in school, or in a studio with a teacher, yoga is so easily adapted to be fun and engaging for any age. Here’s just a sample of yoga poses your kids can have fun with today (written in kid language to make it even easier to get started)!

Start in mountain pose, standing up straight with both feet on the floor like the base of the mountain, hands hanging by the hips like the sloping sides of the mountain. Then shake all over, make big rumbling noises, and shoot your arms past the ears and into the sky like an exploding volcano!

Lay on the ground like a lizard hiding in the sand. Now it’s time to move! Push yourself up on your hands and feet, then like a sneaky lizard moving slowly one step at a time, bring the right foot up to the outside of the right hand. Walk the hands and the left foot forward until the right foot is now at the back. Give a little wiggle, and keep going!

To be a ladybug, stand with both feet a little out to the side (but not too far!) and squat down toward the ground. Not all the way down, ladybugs only stand on their feet! Bring your chest towards your thighs in a tight ball. Now, you can spread your wings and give them a flap.

Turtle pose
Sit down on the ground, legs in the shape of a V. Slightly bend your knees and slide your arms underneath them (left arm under the left leg, and right arm under the right leg). Fold yourself in half bringing your body towards the ground but keep your head lifted as if you’re a turtle poking your head out of your shell.

Lion pose
Kneel on the ground, any way you like. You’re a lion, you’re the king (or queen!) of the jungle. Curl yourself into a ball by bringing your chest down towards your knees like you’re hiding. Take a big breath in, then as you breathe out, lift your body up, make claws with your hands and stick out your tongue and roar!




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Written by Regan Spencer.