5 Things to Bring to New Zealand’s 7th Annual International Yoga Festival

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2018-02-19T15:36:54+13:00February 17th, 2018|Kawai Purapura, Yogic Lifestyle|

Whether this is your first time or even your 7th time to join us, we want to make sure you are fully prepared for this exciting event. Keeping reading for 5 quick tips to Embrace Your Inner Mastery at
New Zealand’s 7th International Yoga Festival.

    1. Bring Your Open Heart.
      Get ready for connections with yogis from across the spectrum–beginners to veritable masters. Even if you come alone you will probably meet so many beautiful people you will never feel like it. Check out the Facebook Event Page for ride shares, the most up-to-date festival information & to share photos during and after the event. #YogaFestNZ
    2. Bring Your Own Mat.
      To Embrace Your Inner Mastery you will need an important tool: your yoga mat. Bring your favourite one and any props (yoga blocks, bands, etc) you might want to use for your practice.

    3. Bring Your Own Bottle.
      Make sure you get enough water between all the yoga sessions and hot summer weather. You can also top up with fruit water infusions at the Hydration Station. Plus, bringing your own bottle helps further our goal of making this a 0 waste festival!

    4. Bring Your Own Experience.
      There’s something for everyone — couples, families, Master yogis, beginners and everyone in between. Why not sprinkle some meditation, dance, or wisdom talks into your day of Yoga?

    5. Break Your Own Boundaries
      With 150+ classes and workshops to choose from, crafting your perfect programme can be a challenge. Check out the timetable to get planning but don’t forget to also just go with the flow.

Join us and you are bound to have an experience you won’t regret. Peruse the market stalls, sing your heart open, and Embrace Your Inner Mastery (22-25 February 2018). Tickets on sale here!

Written by Lydia Grate